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Hi, you probably know me already. If you don't, i'm Goose. Nice to meet'cha! I like playing games. Some of my favorite games are The Long Dark, Raft, No Man's Sky, Minecraft, Roblox, Subnautica, Hearthstone, Apex Legends, Overwatch, Among Us, Blooket, and more! I also love to play puzzle games like Myst, The Room, and Escape Rooms. I watch anime < Watched too much to count lmao.

feel free to get to know me by reading all this

Blooket Stats

In blooket my achievements that i have gained are;

  • Reach 25 Wins in any gamemode ✅
  • Reach 50 Top 5's in any gamemode ✅
  • Reach 25 in racing progress ✅
  • React $100T total cash in factory ✅
  • Defeat 500 players in battle royale ✅
  • Reach 25k Correct answers ✅
  • Play 200 Games in any mode ✅
  • Reach 2.5k Factory Upgrades ✅
  • React 50 Showdown Wins ✅
  • Reach 35k Total Tokens ✅

Blooket Social Media

Basically I own the discord, uncommon in the blooket discord, and bureaucrat on the wiki.

Some things to know about me (random)

These are some off topic achievements i've completed;

  • Make a discord bot ✅ Goose's Utilities
  • Make a fully scripted and complete ROBLOX game ✅ Simulator Simulator
  • Become an Admin or Moderator on a medium - large sized public server ✅
  • I've been on discord for 2 years
  • I've been on ROBLOX for 4 years
  • I've been on steam for 5 years
  • I've been on Minecraft for 9-10 years
  • I know some Japanese and can speak good Spanish.
  • I've unlocked every achievement in Apex Legends
  • I've been playing Apex since it came out
  • I've been playing Raft since beta
  • I've been playing The Long Dark since 2017 (a year after it came out)
  • I've been playing Overwatch since it came out
  • I've been playing Subnautica since 2018 & Subnautica Below Zero since pre-alpha
  • I've been playing Hearthstone since 2015
  • I've been playing Portal 2 since 2014
  • I've played a few games in alpha/beta stages
  • I know Lua, Python, HTML, CSS, JS and Ruby