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Tim the Alien in Fishing Frenzy

Tim the Alien is awarded in the Pokemon Are Cool Event (PAC), and is one of the first blooks to be awarded from an external event. It appears to be a reskin of the UFO. In contrast to the actual UFO blook, this blook is animated, with a rotating cow blook, different colored spaceship, and a green Alien, which is named Tim. This blook sells for 1,000 tokens.

Currently, okr765 and painbow have this since they tied for 1st in PAC (Pokemon Are Cool). This blook is extremly hard to get.

This blook, is special. Because on mobile, sometimes the cow may be shown bigger than the background, because the cow is separated from the background.


This blook is the only blook that has two blooks as a reskin for the mystical. The cow is the same with no tweaks, it's only that the cow is spinning. But the other blook that has a mystical reskin for Tim the Alien is the UFO. But the UFO does have tweaks, two tweaks, specifically. The first tweak is that the alien is not the same, rather than the purple alien that looks like it has fur, it's Tim. And the second tweak is that the UFO has a different design. It removes the 5 yellow balls and the color. And what was added was just what looks like, mud or dust.