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The Spooky Ghost is a playful green ghost Blook. It has a happy smile and black upbeat eyes. The only gamemode the Spooky Ghost is featured in is Santa's Workshop. This is the first mystical Blook. It is one of the two animated Blooks on the Blooket website, the other one being Tim the Alien. It is categorized as a Mystical Blook, which sells for 1,000 tokens: the highest in the game. This Blook is the second most difficult Blook to obtain, the hardest being Tim The Alien. It is a recolor of the Ghost Blook, and it has only been awarded to the 1st place winners of the Contest of Candy.


  • Currently, only Metella (aka. wat) and AceOfSpadesOG have this Blook. Though rumors were going around that Kyle2006 sold his Spooky Ghost, Kyle2006 actually never received one, since there weren't any prizes in the 2019 Contest of Candy.