Blooket Wiki


Here is the rules channel, please read every single rule carefully before continuing so you understand all rules. Failure to follow these rules WILL result in a ban.

Admins: RaringBruff, Fleet Admiral Goose, and HalfNathan. Mods: Thethrillq. If you need to contact them, use their message walls or mention them by using the @ symbol, typing their name, and then selecting their name

1. No vandalizing pages

1a: No false edits

1b: False edits identify as an edit that is not true and in no way would be real. Edits made on mistake will be reverted, and no consequences will be given. Edits that have no content and consist of just spaces, new line, etc. are considered spamming. See rule 2.

1c: After multiple false edits, we will warn you to be more careful about your edits. Failure to follow will result in one week ban.

Punishments: Warn first 3 offenses, one week ban on fourth.

2: Do not spam

2a: Spamming in the general area.

2b: Spamming in any channel that is in the blooket wiki.

Punishments: Warn for first 2 offenses and a ban on the third.

3: No nsfw

3a: No images of nudes, sexting, nsfw, etc.

3b: Do not use anything that is remotely close to romance unless it is related to blooket in a way, then please ask one of the mods to approve it before putting it in the wiki.

Punishments: Instant ban on editing the wiki.

4: No leaking any information that can personally identify someone

4a: No addresses in any channel.

4b: Any full names/personal information that makes someone themselves will be deleted as quick as possible.

Punishments: Instant ban. No exceptions.

5. Discussion page rules

5a: Keep discussion posts low, maximum of 3 posts per day due to excessive posts. Comments & likes are allowed, but only 3 discussion posts

5b: No necroposting. Necroposting is commenting on posts that have last been interacted with more than 2 weeks ago

5c: Keep things in relevant categories. If you can't find a category, think about whether it is worth posting before putting it in the off topic category. Admin Announcements is ONLY for admins

Punishments: 3 warnings for necroposting, 2 warnings for everything else. Final Warning is a 1-2 week ban.

We have these rules to ensure a safe community, after reading these rules carefully, you may continue to the wiki.