Blooket Wiki


Here are the rules for accessing the wiki itself, for rules on editing, please refer to the Guidelines section.

These are the rules for the Blooket fandom. Please carefully each of these rules to lower the potential risk of your account being banned from edits/posts.

1: No Vandalism

  • Entering false information into any page is forbidden.
  • Spamming into any page is forbidden.
  • If you think something may be untrue but you would like to add it into a page, please contact the admins (via either Message wall, Blooket Fandom Discord, or by DM's) before adding it into the page.

Punishment: Warning - 1 week ban (possibly longer if moderators decide to do so). Appeal by using an admins message wall (Recommended: HalfNathan).

2: No NSFW

  • Not only is this an educational game, but please note that NSFW is actually against the TOS for Fandom itself.
  • You're just weird if you put any sort of NSFW in a wiki for a learning game meant for schools.

Punishment: Permanent ban. No exceptions. No appeals. All alts will also be blocked.

3: No Doxxing Others

  • Doxxing anything, such as:

1: Full Names (without consent)

2: Dates of Birth (without consent)

3: Addresses (with or without consent)

4: IP Addresses (with or without consent)

Is not permitted.

Punishment: Permanent ban. No exceptions. No appeals. All alts will be blocked. (This rule applies to all other wikis. If you do this in one wiki but also a member of this wiki, you WILL be banned.)

4: Do Not Flood the Discussion Page

  • Do not post more than three times a day (Blog posts, personal message wall, and comments do not count).
  • Do not necropost (comment on a page that has had no discussion in the past two weeks).
  • Make sure to keep the appropriate discussion in the appropriate category. (Blooket talk in general, memes in Memes, etc.)

Punishment: Warning - 3 day ban (the moderators may lengthen it if they like however).

5: No self-promotion

  • Do not link to other wikis that are not related to Blooket (unless it fits the topic).
  • Do not post anything that promotes you or others (exceptions included).

Punishment: Warning - 3 day ban (moderators have final say).

6: No foul language

  • No swearing.
  • No slurs.
  • Censored curses (such as ***, ___, ---) count as swears/slurs.
  • Shortened curses (removing a letter) still counts as a swear/slur.

These rules are here to keep a safe and friendly community. If there is any breach of these rules that have not had any actions taken against, do not be afraid to report the post.