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The Rainbow Panda is a chroma blook. This means you do not have it by default and it has to be unlocked. It is unlocked through the Safari Box which costs 20 tokens. You have a 0.02% chance of getting it and it can be sold for 300 tokens each. It is the second hardest blook to obtain from the market (the Tropical Globe being first). It used to be tied with the Tropical Globe, but the Safari box dropped down in cost. This blook is the 10th ever chroma to be obtainable from the market. It has more colors than any other blook in the game.

This blook is a recolor/reskin of the Panda which is an uncommon in the Safari Box as well as the Rainbow Panda.


  • This blook has a wide variety of colors, and has the most colors out of any other blook.
  • This blook has the lowest drop rate of 0.02%, as well as the Tropical Globe. But in theory, you have a higher rate of getting it because the Tropical Globe, which is in the Blizzard Box gets released for 33/34 days, while the Safari Box is available every day. Additionally, the Safari box is 20 tokens due to the Dino box being released.
  • This blook is the lowest chance for a non-limited time blook.