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What it looks like when it is stable.

The Rainbow Astronaut is a blook that was awarded in the LUNCH event for the Top Club. You get the Tiger Zebra blook and the White Peacock blook with it.

This blook is a red astronaut but will change color (hue rotation). The blook is graphically inexistent. The red astronaut switches in a gradient to other colors. See the HTML behind the site, by inspecting it or just try to download it.

The Rainbow Astronaut is a Mystical Rarity, because of its movement of Hue Rotation.

The club called "The Preeminent" own this due to winning the LUNCH event.


Many internet users claimed the Rainbow Astronaut will look like a normal astronaut with rainbow tinted windows. However, the Rainbow Astronaut appears to be a red astronaut on hue rotation. The hoax is done with photoshop or similar software, while this blook is officially made by Tom and Ben, the creators of Blooket.


  • While looking at the animation, it is not just rotation of different astronauts even though it may seem. It is a rotation of wavelengths from red to purple.
  • The winner of the Lunch event "The Preeminent" changed their name six times before settling down for The Preeminent.