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Mysticals are the seventh and highest rarity in the game. They have the highest sell price of 1,000. The only way to obtain mystical blooks is from winning an event. There are currently only 4 mysticals in the game, one being the Spooky Ghost owned by both wat, metella and AceOfSpadesOG, Tim the Alien owned by both okr765 and painbow, and Phantom King owned by 50 people from the top 2 guilds in PoP.

Blook name Blook Awarded for
Spooky Ghost
Spooky Ghost.gif
1st place in Contest of Candy
Tim the Alien
1st place in Pokemon Are Cool (PAC) event
Phantom King
Top 2 Guilds in Potions of Pix'halia (PoP) event
Rainbow Astronaut
Top team in LUNCH event