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Host button

Hosting is a way for players can join live and online and compete against each other on Blooket. Hosted games need a host, and multiple players to join. Hosting is the main part of blooket, and how to do it is similar to other educational sites.

How to Host a game

To host a game, go to your Dashboard or the Discover page, find a set that you want to host, click host, select the game mode you want, select host, enter in the settings for that mode, and click "host now". The players can join using an ID, or by using a link that automatically joins them into the game. After everyone has joined, press start to play. The current modes that can be hosted is Battle Royale, Gold Quest, Racing, Classic, Tower Defense, Factory, Crypto Hack, Blook Rush, Cafe, and Fishing Frenzy, and when the holidays come around, Candy Quest and Santa's Workshop will replace Gold Quest. This means that Tower of Doom and Crazy Kingdom are the only game modes that cannot be hosted. Instead, they can only be played through solo or homework.

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