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Chromas are the second highest rarity of blooks, and require a huge amount of dedication and grinding in order to obtain. There are currently 21 different kinds of Chroma Blooks. As rare as they are, they require a huge amount of luck to obtain, ranging from 0.05% to a 0.02% drop rate. Some Chromas are only awarded from certain events, and some are unobtainable.

Limited Time/Unobtainable:

Currently Obtainable:

The Rainbow Panda is available from the Safari Box with a 0.02% chance, and is the 10th chroma to be obtained from a box.

All chroma astronauts have an obtain rate of 0.05% (1/2000) and can be found within the Space Box. They operate on a schedule, only one type is available per day

Red Astronaut

Orange Astronaut

Yellow Astronaut

Green Astronaut

Black Astronaut

Pink Astronaut

Brown Astronaut

7 Astronauts are obtainable via the Space Box in the Market for 20 tokens (Originally 25 tokens), and they individually have a 0.05% drop rate. Only one of them is in the box at a time, and the colors cycle through the box every day. The pattern of the colored astronauts is listed below.

Chroma Astronaut Cycle:

Sunday - Green Astronaut

Monday - Pink Astronaut

Tuesday - Yellow Astronaut

Wednesday - Black Astronaut

Thursday - Orange Astronaut

Friday - Red Astronaut

Saturday - Brown Astronaut

Purple Astronaut and Blue Astronaut are currently unobtainable and have yet to be featured in the game.


  • Chroma derives from the Greek word “khrōma” meaning color, which could possibly explain the large portion of blooks being recoloring of existing blooks.
  • Although most Chromas are simple recolors of existing Blooks, with slight differences, there are some Blooks which have some different elements added e.g. Tropical Globe.
  • The Lovely Frog is the first blook to have a guaranteed chance of dropping, and has the obvious highest drop rate of 100% making it the easiest obtainable chroma (along with the Lucky Frog).