Blooket Wiki

Solo and Homework Mode

The Cafe Game Mode is based off a cafe, hence the name. By answering a question in the set, you get one food of each you have unlocked. After you are done serving the number of customers indicated in the top right corner, a day will have been completed and you earn your money. You can buy more varieties of food and upgrade the food so you get more money for each sold food item. In homework mode, you have to reach a set amount of days to complete the homework.

The Cafe Upgrade Shop when playing Solo or Homework mode

As Blooks buy foods, they increase in cost. When you upgrade, they increase in cost. The max upgrade is level 5 and the food that gets the most money each is the French Toast.

You can also upgrade your restaurant to get double the money. Upgrading the timer gives you more time to serve customers. Each customer has their own randomized order, so it is not predictable.

Hosting Mode

When you select to play cafe in hosting mode, all the attributes from Solo and homework are present, except when playing against others the amount of money you have determines who wins after a set amount of time, or after a player reaches the set amount of cash. You only need one player to start. When playing in hosting mode, the Upgrade shop gets an added category, Abilities. There are 6 different abilities.

All current abilities available when playing in hosting mode

Ability Name Paycheck Bonus Supply Crate Happy Customers Trash the Food TAXES! Health Inspection Run It Back
Description Give a player +25% of their balance +7 stock of all your foods Your next 5 customers pay double Lower a player's food stocks by 3 each Reduce a player's balance by 25% Force a player to get a 12s inspection Be able to buy all your abilities again


You can exploit solo Café if you have Blooket Plus to get 500 in under 5 minutes. All you need to do is get a save, replace the save, click on a token multiplier, then reload the page and repeat. If fast enough, you can farm up to 500 tokens in under 5 minutes. It is quick, and is probably not intentional. This works also with Tower of Doom, and Tower Defense, as you have 3 save slots in the game.