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This wiki is about Blooket, a learning website created by Tom & Ben Stewart with the main focus of bringing an alternative and fun way of learning and meanwhile creating memorable experiences with classroom content.

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Santa's Workshop

Santa's Workshop is a game mode that is only hostable. This was introduced during December and was enabled from 3/18/21-3/20/21 and is no longer playable (as of writing this). The goal of the game was to make as many toys (shown as toy ducks) and beat everyone else, this game mode is basically Gold Quest but with a lot more skill (although it does contain some luck.) You play this game mode by answering questions, and when you answer one correctly, two options will show up. You can possible get +5 toys, +15 toys, +25 toys, +50 toys, +100 toys, +1 toys per question, +5 toys per question, +25 toys per question, double toys per question, triple toys per question, double toys, and triple toys. These would allow you to get hundreds of billions of toys with just a couple spare minutes of your time.

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