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Astronaut is a legendary blook. This means that you do not have it by default, and it must be unlocked through a box. It is in Space Box. It has a 0.45% chance of being unlocked when purchasing. It can be sold for 200 blooket tokens. There are several different colored variants of the Astronaut as a Chroma, which are only available on alternate days of the week. The Chroma Astronauts are 0.05 and the Astronaut is 0.45. The colored astronauts are not the rarest non-limited time blooks.

It as an icon.

Factory Stats

The Astronaut is in Factory, and the astronaut gives 45K cash every 3 seconds in level 1 assuming that there are not any more space blooks.


  • Unlike all of the Astronaut variants, this one is designed different. For example:
    • This blook's eyebrows are in a different position than the Chroma Astronauts.
    • The Chroma Astronauts have slightly more faulted eyebrows, making them look more daring.
    • The Chroma Astronauts also have a darker tinted window.
  • Formerly, it's Battle Royale team name was "Houston We Have A Problem" , before being changed to "Astro Aviators".
    • Regarding it's former Battle Royale team name, "Houston We Have A Problem", is a reference to the quote said by astronauts when there is a problem on a space mission, but also a pun, as the central point of Blooket is answering questions. News feed also said "Houston, we have new blooks!".
    • The Astronaut's Battle Royale name is now Astro Aviators in Blook Rush and the aforementioned Battle Royale.
    • If you have a colored variation of the Astronaut ,preferably a red one,the name in Battle Royale would become " The Red Crewmates " possibly referring to the game Among Us.